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LearningSphere Packet 1 Information

Dear Families,


Welcome to LearningSphere 2018! The LearningSphere will be held on Thursday,
February 1st. I would like to start by extending my appreciation to the LearningSphere
Committee. Members of the committee include teachers, staff, and parents who work
very hard to make this a meaningful educational experience for each child. The planning
for LearningSphere is an evolving process in which ideas for improving
the event continue to be shared and implemented.


This year, a LearningSphere project is mandatory for students in Grade 5; however,
participation of ALL students is encouraged. Entering projects in this academic fair
is an authentic way for children to showcase what they have learned in the process
of gathering information and creating displays. Parent input is extremely important,
but the goal is for each child to investigate a topic of personal interest and to complete
his/her own project.


While we ask students to choose a project in an area that interests them, they have an
additional choice to make if the entry is in the science category. When entering a
science project, students need to decide whether they want to do a general
science research project, or enter a science experiment that follows the
scientific method. There is additional information in this packet that will help
clarify how the projects will differ. The top science experiment projects submitted
by 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are eligible for entry in the Northern Indiana Regional
Science and Engineering Fair at Notre Dame on Saturday, March 3rd.
Please encourage your child to enter a project and take advantage of the valuable
opportunity to display his/her work in Prairie Vista’s 2018 LearningSphere.


Keely Twibell


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