Running is Elementary 2024 is in the Books!

Posted on May 7, 2024

The “Running is Elementary” program wrapped up its 2024 season with the main race at Elm Road Elementary School yesterday. The event saw enthusiastic participation from 4th and 5th grade students, both boys and girls, who competed in a 1-mile course that tested their endurance and speed.

The annual program, aimed at promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles among elementary school students, brought together participants from various schools in the area. 

team gets ready

Parents and teachers cheered from the sidelines as students dashed toward the finish line, each striving to put forth their best effort. The event not only highlighted the physical capabilities of the students but also emphasized the importance of physical education in the school curriculum.

Meadows Edge TEam Photo

The “Running is Elementary” program has been a key event in the community’s calendar for the last 15 years, fostering a sense of unity and encouraging children to adopt active lifestyles. Special thanks to the P-H-M Education Foundation for making it possible! 

4th Grade Girls

  • Praire Vista 6:24
  • Horizon 7:14
  • Elm Road 7:15

4th Grade Boys

  • Northpoint 6:08
  • Meadow’s Edge 6:22
  • Northpoint 6:50

5th Grade Girls

  • Bittersweet 6:42
  • Horizon 6:59
  • Meadow’s Edge 7:03

5th Grade Boys

  • Prairie Vista 6:07
  • Mary Frank 6:11
  • Horizon 6:12


Last Modified May 7, 2024